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Feedback from patients and relatives

Dr Clayton has received many thank you cards and supportive emails for the work he does in both his NHS and private clinics.

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Some recent comments:

23rd January 2016
Written by a patient

As a sufferer of scalp psoriasis for a very long time I understood from my doctors that the condition could not be cured, only managed. I saw an item on BBC Breakfast last year which made me think that more could be done so an online search led me to Dr Clayton. An appointment was made and Dr Clayton was able to prescribe a programme of treatment which has transformed my condition in 7 weeks. Further weekly applications might be required for the foreseeable future but on the whole I feel so much better and the stress has gone. I was so glad Dr Clayton was able to deal with the condition. I have no regrets whatsoever that I contacted him for help…one of the best decisions I’ve made recently.

20th January 2016
Written by a patient

Mr Clayton was SO kind and reassuring. He explains things in terms that the patient can understand , appreciates the worries that the patient may have and reassures very well. He is an exceptional doctor who I would recommend unreservedly.

6th December 2015

Written by a carer

Tim Clayton was amazing. Provided 1st class treatment for my daughter where all other services around the country failed us as wasnt deemed an important procedure, having the luck to find Dr Clayton and him to kindly accept my daughter onto his clinic lists we are ever so grateful. He put me and my daughter instantly at ease, easy to contact if required and seen and treat within such a short timescale. Would recommend this Dr to all and everyone. Keep up the good work Dr Clayton.


14th July 2015
Written by a patient

Having experienced great discomfort over recent years with discomfort and colouring to my facial skin with no remedy found through normal channels I was referred to Dr Clayton. I thought it was a progressive step but I could not have envisaged what a positive difference he could make in such a short time. It is rare to meet an expert who really knows his / her speciality who can identify the problem and diagnose a remedy in such a short time but it is even rarer to find a person who can combine that with such a personable, friendly and supportive manner. Doctor Clayton is that rare person. From the moment I met him, nothing was to much trouble in terms of his time, commitment and support to remedy my problem. He organised my treatment with immediate effect, personally phoning and writing to any other relevant departments and clinicians that might need to be involved and maintained contact with me throughout. After years of no progress I was achieving positive results from his diagnosis and treatment within weeks and this success story continues. Our faith in Dr Clayton is so great that recently my wife experienced disturbing symptoms to her skin which gave us great concern and we immediately contacted Dr Clayton who arranged to see us as a matter of urgency. Once again his professionalism and friendly, supportive response was there for us. He took immediate action with his investigation and procedures giving us peace of mind now enabling us to sleep at night knowing that we are in the best possible hands- those of Dr Clayton.


1st July 2015
Written by a carer

My husband and I were so impressed with Dr Clayton. We needed to have our 11 month baby treated all of a sudden and Dr Clayton very professionally and efficiently dealt with everything. He was able to help at short notice and complete the treatment quickly. Also he gave us extra information regarding Our child’s special marks under/on her skin. He seemed very knowledgable on his specialty and we felt that our baby had received the best care. I would not hesitate to recommend his service to anyone, baby, child or adult.


12th May 2015
Written by a patient

Dr Clayton was highly recommended to me for our 6 month old Son because he was suffering terribly with atopic eczema. Our GP tried his best, as did our local hospital, but all to no effect or resolve. It broke our heart watching our boy suffer so much. We made the appointment with Dr Clayton and waited only a few days to see him. Dr Clayton listening intently, he checked our son out and demonstrated outstanding care and professionalism throughout. It took him less than 3 minutes to develop a care plan and he prescribed medication, taking the time to explain at each point his rationale and his own expectations. We left his clinic at 1130 am, we filled the prescription by 12 midday and by the very next day the widespread eczema we had watched our boy suffer with for the last 3 months had completely resolved! To say we were overwhelmed would be the understatement of the year! Miracle? no…just great care given by an outstanding expert in the field of dermatology. We will be forever grateful to Dr Clayton – our son remains completely free of this horrible condition and yes we know it will most probably flare up again at some point, but we are so much more prepared now and confident to manage it, especially because the first person we will be contacting will definitely be the amazing Dr Clayton!


2nd March 2015
Written by a patient

I first visited Dr Clayton at Pall Mall Medical in Manchester in November 2014. I have suffered with mild/moderate acne for 10 years and I have been back and forth to my GP, trying lots of different antibiotics which were all unsuccessful. Every doctor I saw told me that my skin was not that bad and one doctor even told me it is something I will have to live with! That’s when I had had enough and paid privately to see Dr Clayton and it was the best decision I made. He was very understanding and told me that he could get rid of my acne and in 6 months time my skin will be clear. I am currently still going through treatment and I am over the moon with my results so far. I highly recommend Dr Clayton, not only for being very efficient but for giving his time to answer any questions or queries I have had which I feel is important so you are reassured throughout.


1st May 2015
Written by a patient

I have always had mild acne for several years, however at the beginning of last year my skin went considerably worse. After months of trying different treatments, I decided to visit Dr Clayton privately. This is by far one of the best decisions I have made, Dr Clayton reviewed my skin in the initial consultation and explained to me why I was getting spots and what was happening. He then put me on a course for 6 months to clear up my skin. I am now in my last month of treatment and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My skin is clear and spot free, something I never thought I would have had a year ago. In addition, Dr Clayton is friendly, provides sound advice and quickly responds to any queries. I would definitely recommend anyone who is struggling with their skin to visit him.

“Dr Clayton and it was the best decision I made.”

“He was very understanding “

“I highly recommend Dr Clayton, not only for being very efficient but for giving his time to answer any questions or queries I have had which I feel is important so you are reassured throughout.” March 2015

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