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It’s getting cold outside

The snow is falling in Manchester and my children are getting very excited. Its really important to protect your skin from the harsh weather.

1. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise! Skin dries out more with central heating and especially when cold winds bite!
2. Reduce the alcohol! This can make skin red and it may flare up many inflammatory skin conditions.
3. If you’re taking a winter ski break this year, photo protect with sun block to maintain young looking skin.
4. Eat a well balanced diet which remains essential for healthy hair and skin.
5. Give up smoking  to help maintain youthful skin…

Children with eczema need extra special care. The central heating can really dry out the skin and it is imperative that parents apply even more moisturizer over the next couple of months.snow-wallpapers-snow-vector-wallpaper-wallpaper-34225

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