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Hair Loss

Disorders of the scalp and hair

Hair Loss therapy by Dr Clayton

Dr Clayton has vast experience in managing disorders of the scalp and hair in children and adults. The key to treating hair loss and scalp problems is an accurate diagnosis.

Dermatologists are fully trained in the diagnosis and medical treatment of hair and scalp diseases.

Loss of hair can be extremely upsetting and it is important that patients with hair loss are referred to a dermatologist. Dr Clayton undertakes hair assessment and uses dermoscopy to aid diagnosis. He understands the importance of how hair loss can really affect self esteem and in most cases of hair loss can provide a diagnosis and plan appropriate treatment.

There are a number of new treatments that are becoming available to treat hair problems. Dr Clayton is an expert in managing children's hair disorders, alopecia areata, scarring alopeicas, female pattern hair loss and male pattern hair loss. Some treatments are off-license but increasingly new drugs are being developed that are being trialled and published in peer reviewed medical literature.

The hair cycle:

hair cycle

Some hair conditions are fairly easy to diagnose and treat.

A number of hair disorders do require further investigation, including appropriate blood tests, scalp biopsies and hair sampling for microscopy.

Dr Clayton will perform a scalp examination and advise on scarring alopecias and non-scarring alopecias.

He also has close links to Manchester University and is kept fully unto date on any new research into hair problems.


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