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Chemical Peels by Dr Clayton

Dr Clayton has been using chemical peels for several years to treat a variety of conditions. Tim uses the Enerpeel system developed in Italy. ENERPEEL® is the only peel accepted and taught on the only MSc course in Aesthetics at Lancashire University. This is because of its technical expertise in delivering greater collagen remodelling, by activating Collagenase more effectively than standard peels and stimulating greater cell production of a new collagen matrix to deliver effective results; all using a special patented carrier which reduces surface redness and peeling by up to 50%, as it is only activated and releases the peels, post-absorption into the skin.

His most popular peel is the mendelic acid 40% peel.

Mandelic Acid (MA)

EnerPeel® MA is a peel that exfoliates but with minimal or no erythema (redness). It can be left on for 2-10 minutes (depending on number of previous peels and patient reaction) and then neutralised but for greater remodelling impact, we will leave it on the skin and send you home with a neutralizer wipe to use that evening.

Dr Clayton uses this peel for

  • Erythematic Telangiectatic Rosacea
  • Summer Peels
  • Darker skin types
  • Anti-ageing
  • Skin remodelling
  • Inflammatory pigmentation
  • Hormonal, sun and age related pigmentations in at risk clients

Having an interest in acne Dr Clayton also uses a Salycilic acid peel.

Salicylic Acid (SA)

Designed for the treatment of  acne, this peel contains active ingredients from Tebiskin® OSK creams within the peel. These unique ingredients deliver a high dose of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and sebum and cell turnover-slowing ingredients into the pilosebaceous duct, combined with salicylic acid to reduce oil, exfoliate and open up the duct opening. It is also used for controlling the inflammatory phase of papules and pustules. We can also use this on back and chest.

Please ask for more details on the other enerpeels Dr Clayton uses.

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