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Category Archives for Dermatology News

Dr Clayton’s updates on new and exciting developments in the field of dermatology and everything skin related near you.

New eczema drug for children at last!

First it was adults with severe eczema now children. At long last I finally have some new treatments to offer patients with eczema. What is really exciting, however, is that the new drugs are actually…

Dupilumab getting closer

  I have now been able to treat 12 patients with severe eczema with Dupilumab. The results are highly encouraging and some of my patients who I have known for over 10 years with sever…

New era for atopic eczema in Manchester

Earlier this year I posted that a new wave of drugs used to treat atopic dermatitis were about to be made available. I am pleased that at last one such drug has been made available…
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