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Skin Surgery

Dr Clayton is fully trained in skin surgery.   He regularly undertakes skin surgery for moles and skin cancers at Oaklands Hospital. He also undertakes mole removal at Pall Mall Medical in Manchester.


Dr Clayton also undertakes skin cancer clinics at Salford Royal and is a core member of the Salford MDT. He performs regular skin surgery on children from ages 0-16yrs in his NHS practice.  This is usually undertaken under local anaesthesia although on occasion general anesthesia or sedation may be required.

In his private clinics Dr Clayton undertakes skin and scalp biopsies. He also removes moles, and excises skin cancers such as Basal Cell Carcinomas and Melanomas. He is also able to perform simple skin flaps and grafts.

Dr Clayton does understand his own limitations and usually Dr Clayton will refer complex larger skin lesions to his colleagues in plastic surgery.  He will also refer larger Basal Cell Carcinomas to the Moh’s surgeons.


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76 King Street, Manchester M2 4NH