Nail Disease Medical treaments

Nail disorders

Your toenails and fingernails protect the tissues of your toes and fingers from trauma. They are made up of layers of a hardened protein called keratin. Keratin is the key structural material making up the outer layer of your skin.

The health of your nails may provide clues to your overall health.

Healthy nails are usually smooth and consistent in color.


There are many problems that can occur in nails, from color changes to ridging, pitting, curling and brittleness.

Some types of nail discoloration and changes in growth rate may be signs of lung, heart, kidney, and liver diseases, as well as diabetes and iron deficiency anemia.

Nail problems that require treatment include

Bacterial and fungal infections
Ingrown nails

Keeping your nails clean, dry, and trimmed can help you avoid some problems. Do not remove the cuticle, which can cause infection.

Dr Clayton can advise on disorders of the nail and tailor treatments to the specific problem. Sometimes a nail biopsy may be required.

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