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All new appointments with medical consultants at Dr Clayton’s new dermatology clinic at 76 King Street in Manchester cost £2oo and follow up consultations cost £150.


Dr Clayton is recognised and approved by all medical insurance companies.

Please note that Dr Clayton is BUPA fee assured and the fees for consultations and procedures are available on the BUPA website.

At Oaklands Hospital a new consultation with Dr Clayton costs £200 and follow up consultations cost £150. Please note Oaklands Hospital refuses patient’s under the age of 18yrs to be seen in their clinics. They also are not currently approved by BUPA and await a CQC inspection. Therefore I advise all insured patients to come to my Manchester clinic until Oaklands have sorted out their internal management.

Fees for specific procedures vary depending on the condition being treated. After the first consultation Dr Clayton will inform you of the procedure or its code and this can then be authorized by your insurer.

For further information please complete the online booking enquiry of call dermexpert on 0161 817 5016.


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